What to do after your class?

Okay, so you went to your CPR and AED class.  Maybe you even learned some First Aid.  You stayed awake, paid attention and darn-it if the CPR manikin didn’t start breathing when you were done.  Great,…now what?

It has been days, or weeks since your class and you don’t remember everything the teacher said.  Okay, no big deal-you remember the ABCD’s.

Now, a year later and your certification is still good, but you don’t know what the “B” stands for.  And, where do you put your hands again?  What did the instructor say about a hairy chest??  Wow, your memory has failed you. 

Most students will only remember 10-25% of what I say during class.  And that is ok.  Your class is designed so that the 25% that you do remember is the good stuff, the nitty-gritty.  The stuff you need to save a life.

Maybe you want more practice?  Contact SES.  We provide post-class options to help assuage your fears.  You can have an instructor come to your office and set up the manikin.  Anyone who took a class can come by and check their skills.  This also provides a great 1-on-1 Q&A session.

Another option is the full-on simulation.  SES can work with your management and/or security team and design an emergency drill.  We may test your CPR, we may test your First Aid.  This can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like (massive head wounds anybody??)

So keep an eye out.   When you see us walk into your building, we may have something more in mind than just checking out the view from the 10th floor.


About sescpr

This is the Official Blog of Safety Education Specialists. An Authorized American Heart Association Training Site located in Virginia, USA. www.ses911.com for all our course listings and information.
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