How much should you really enjoy your CPR Class?

Wait, did I say Enjoy your CPR Class?  That’s random.  Most people hate CPR classes.  The boring movies, the tedious work on the dummy (the manikin-not the person sitting across the conference table picking their nose!), and an instructor who wants to give you a lesson in Heart Anatomy and Pulmonary Physiology.

No wonder no one likes CPR classes.  And is it any surprise that now many companies are offering Online Training?  (More on that in another post-why I like eLearning only to a certain point).

The danger here is that as long as people resent the course, they will not attend.  If they do not attend, then they will not know what to do during a genuine emergency. 

What you see on TV is likely inaccurate.  What you hear on the news-even more so.  Twice in the past 3 years, I have had students insist that there is no more breathing.  They heard it during a 20 second sound bite on the radio and felt it was the truth.

The real truth-yes, Hands-Only CPR is legit-but only for Adults when you witness the arrest (meaning you see the adult hit the deck).  It does not work for drowning, trauma, children (8 years or under, btw).  So, unless you are in this unusual situation-breathe please.

SES makes classes fun-but we draw the line when it comes to the serious business.  Yes, you will likely see some movie.  Yes, you will have to do CPR on a manikin. But no, we will not make it boot camp or Anatomy & Physiology 101.  The point is, if you enjoy yourself, you will remember more. 

And maybe, just maybe, I will see you again for a recertification in 2 years. 

Any hey, if Hal Sparks can take a CPR class and do mouth-to-mouth on a stranger, what’s your excuse?  (


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