New 2010 CPR Guidelines Posted

Yes, I am a CPR nerd.  And yes, I actually debated whether or not I was going to stay awake until the 12:30am publishing of the new CPR Guidelines this morning.

No, I didn’t stay awake, but bright and early this morning, I read the literature.  There were several small changes, and each week, I will post something regarding each new change to the BLS standards.  This week, I will deal with the biggest change-Compressions.

Here is the nitty-gritty low-down for the layperson responder:  (For all you Healthcare folks-cover your ears).

1)  Forget your alphabet.  Instead of the A-B-C’s we have all trained with for 50+ years, it is now:  C-A-B.  Compression, Airway, Breathing.

2)  No, breathing is not “dead.” (As I am sure some new-outlets will be reporting today).  Instead, we are asking the layperson to start compressions first, and then worry about the breathing.  Hopefully,  this will lead to even better outcomes.

3)  The ratio is still 30 Compressions:2 Breaths.

There were a few more minor changes-mainly in compression depth (it’s all inches now-no fractions), but otherwise, your CPR class will be fairly similar to what you have been seeing.  More on those changes in another posting.

Instructors will not be officially trained until late November and new classroom materials will not be avaliable until Q2 of 2011.  Please be patient with your Training Provider.  We are all staying abreast of the changes and will make sure that our students receive the best training around.

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