Land Rover + AEDs = a life-saving initiative

Felix the Safety Dog enjoying a ride in the Land Rover.

When most Americans think of Land Rover, they think of an overly expensive vehicle that looks like a truck and SUV mated and birthed a boxy, gas-guzzling baby.  The green-obssesed culture of the US cannot fathom how this beast could ever be considered anything but a drain on the American Eco-Psycology.

Unless, of course, you ask a Land Rover club or owner.  You are then confronted with a person who will lovingly explain the personality and foibles their Land Rover has.  Tales of mountains climbed, snow banks conquered, and days spent in the mechanics shop all elicit a knowing smile among Land Rover owners and enthusiasts.  Every Land Rover has a name and a story. 

Land Rover has always been involved in its community, both at home in England and abroad in Africa and other continents.  Land Rovers have responded to flood, famine and war-dealing with each situation with a rugged dignity appropriate to its pedigree.

Now, Land Rover has partnered with The British Red Cross and has funded 30 AEDs for use by the BRC.   Recognizing that Cardiac Arrest is a life-threatening emergency, Land Rover has expanded the capabilities of the BRC to respond to the British people with a life-saving piece of equipment.  When I read the story this morning at I couldn’t help but smile.

I enjoy the feeling I get from owning and driving a part of a company that would extend themselves so much to help others.  Yes, they do provide assistance abroad, but I am most pleased that they are helping people in their own country as well. 

Personally, I own a 2000 Land Rover Discovery II that I am very proud of.   We are not it’s first-owner, but I think we love it all the more.  Yes, it is boxy-but that is part of the charm.  Yes, it guzzles gas-but no more than any other SUV.  It is too tall to fit into some parking garages and we are on a first-name basis with the repair shop.   (Thank you to Clinton at Rosenthal Jaguar Land Rover Chantilly, VA.).  But, when I sit in the seat, with my husband at the wheel, I know that I am getting to my destination safely and comfortably.  And now, I have a greater sense that spending my time teaching people about AEDs is making a difference.

By the way, my Land Rover’s name is Winston.


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