FDA Meeting to discuss External Defibrillators

On December 15th and 16th, the FDA held a public discussion/presentation forum on External Defibrillators.  Though I was unable to attend (I was registered, but was called to classes on those days), I have spent the last several days going through the Webcast that was broadcast.  You can find the session at www.fda.gov.

I am, in many ways, glad that I was not able to attend.  I have many strong opinions based upon the presentations and public comments and would have likely spoken in a manner that may not have been perceived as kind.  I found myself yelling Bullshit at my computer screen several times during the presentation.

Instead, I will use my own forum to voice my own opinions and concerns. 

Stay tuned over this weekend for several postings on topics such as:

  • EMT Training in AEDs
  • Public Training in AEDs
  • Which AED manufacturers actually presented vs. which stayed silent. (What does that say for culpability?)
  • Outsourcing of manufacturing and the impact on AED safety and reliability.
  • Manufacturer responsibility for outsourced products.
  • Standardization vs. non-Standardization of AED design and function.
  • Who is responsible for an AED not being “Rescue-Ready?”  The manufacturer or the client?

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