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Save the Heart vs. Save the Ta-Ta’s (it all come’s down to Money)

CPR is a “pretend therapy” says Dr. Gust Bardy (, founding president of Seattle institute for Cardiovascular Research.  He explains further saying that survival rates do not correlate with the 40 years of experience the nation has had in practicing … Continue reading

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The EMS team that can’t keep up – or why the AHA has standards.

About a month ago, I posted briefly regarding the December 2010 meeting between the FDA and various AED manufacturers and the public.  One of the more nagging observations that I made during my weekend-marathon webinar session, was that the AHA … Continue reading

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The Top-10 Do’s and Dont’s for a CPR Class…or “I am as nice as you allow me to be.”

I recently read the “Do’s and Don’ts” section of a magazine and was surprised at the number of astounding things I saw.  Didn’t someone tell these people what to do? Why would someone think a certain behavior is ok?  Then I … Continue reading

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Should Best Buy for Business & GeekSquad touch Medical Equipment? A unique perspective.

I read an article this morning in the EPLab Digest that has raised both my eyebrows.  According to Greg Newman (Director of Business Development for Cardiac Science), Cardiac Science has teamed up with Best Buy for Business (BBB) and Geek Squad.  … Continue reading

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Swiss Brothel trains employees to use AEDs-How’s that for caring for your clients!

38 Swiss brothels have now trained their staff in CPR and AED in order to prevent their customers from dying.  Apparently, the older customers were experiencing an alarming number of cardiac arrests, and the trend prompted the owner to install AEDs and train … Continue reading

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