Swiss Brothel trains employees to use AEDs-How’s that for caring for your clients!

38 Swiss brothels have now trained their staff in CPR and AED in order to prevent their customers from dying.  Apparently, the older customers were experiencing an alarming number of cardiac arrests, and the trend prompted the owner to install AEDs and train the employees.   Local health experts have backed the trend.  Here is a link to the original article:

I have finally found an example of love for your clients that goes beyond the scope of the traditional business model.  In these brothels, they love their clients in the traditional sense, and they love their clients enough to care about their health.  Sure, you can care for clients by giving them a nice waiting area, a coffee or a Christmas gift basket with fruit, but how about an AED on site with a trained staff?

One of the greatest challenges to promoting CPR and AED use is getting companies to actually pay for their employees to be trained.  I am not referencing medical professionals, but other businesses that claim to care about their employees and clients.  Many business owners/CFOs etc… like the idea of having people know CPR, but few actually care enough to spend the money to provide such training-even though it shows caring for their employees and clients. 

So, to all the people who think that it would be nice-make it a New Year Resolution-get trained in CPR and AED–it just might save a life.

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