Research–where do CPR Instructors get their facts?

I recently received a question in a class about where do CPR instructors get their facts.  I also received a question through WordPress asking a similar question.

Most CPR Instructors (at least those through the AHA), get their statistics, study information etc directly from the American Heart Association.  Feel free to look over their website,, and you will find many tidbits repeated.

For the purposes of this blog, unless I specifically cite a study or source, the assertions I make regarding the effectiveness and/or performance of CPR will come from public American Heart Association sources.

Does CPR save lives?  According to the AHA–yes.  Do AEDs increase survival rates?  According to the AHA–yes.

Have I independently reviewed the information obtained by the AHA-in many cases, Yes!  Where I have had access to the studies cited by the AHA, I have taken the opportunity to read the papers and ask questions.  I am that CPR nerd who enjoys reading long scientific papers.  Honestly, I have read too many to cite each and every one.

In my professional opinion, the information presented by the AHA is backed up by solid research and science.  Do I agree with everything the AHA says-No.  But, I respect that they can do research I cannot.

(And in a further response to a WordPress comment–I wish we could do a controlled scientific study of pre vs. in-hospital CPR with controls for time before CPR/AED is implemented.  In keeping with the Scientific Method,in order to control for start of SCA and CPR/AED use groups would have to be subjected to induced Cardiac Arrest with varying methods of interventions.  This type of study is one that I don’t think could be ethically done as it would require inducing Cardiac Arrest and, in some cases, withholding interventions.  If this type of study is ever done, I would be interested in seeing the results!)

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1 Response to Research–where do CPR Instructors get their facts?

  1. I am a CPR Instructor from Healthy Hearts Training who was certified through EMS University. We are AHA and OSHA approved and obtain their facts from ILCOR.

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