Options for AED Service and Maintenance

A question we are often asked by clients is “Do you do AED Program Management?”  Yes, we do.  We have the same capabilities as the manufacturer.  AED Inspections.  Medical Direction.  Replacing AED pads and batteries.  AED reset after AED use.

Oftentimes, when a client purchases an AED, they sign-up for a service contract with the manufacturer.  Sometimes, this is the least expensive option.  Like any major purchase, an AED purchase can involve perks-including discounted service!  This is great.

But, when that initial contract is up, and you are looking to sign the dotted line-stop.  Think.  Go shopping.  Like any other industry, AEDs have competitors.  Small companies, like SES, offer AED service.  Get a quote, compare prices and service.  Above all, don’t judge on price alone.  Do a gut-check.  Does the company seem above-board?  Do you like the customer service?  Do you like the company itself?  If you don’t like the company, or it’s people, or it’s customer service, your service contract will seem to last forever-wallowing in telephone “hold-land.”

Bottom-line:  You are not bound to the manufacturer for AED service.  You do have options.  Explore them all.


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