Free class vs. Paid class

Operating so close to hospitals, I get a lot of students who are nurses, doctors or technicians that could be trained for free by their hospital. So, why do they spend the money and come to me for their AHA BLS (Basic Life Support) training?
1) Those free classes fill up fast! Without a current card, people can’t work-so it is worth it to spend some money and get certified fast.
2) The classes are offered on a limited schedule (usually only 2 or 3 times a month). Our paid classes are offered frequently with Skills Checks almost daily and by appointment.
3) The free class is located several miles away or in another inconvenient location.  With gas prices being so high in the Northern Virginia area, the cost to drive is higher than ever.

Here is another tidbit you may not realize: The people teaching those “free” classes are not always hospital employees. It was recently discovered that a local hospital has outsourced their free classes to a company from another state!  (What happened to supporting local small business?)

We always tell our students-hey, we can’t beat “free” dollar for dollar, BUT, if you want a class that is close to you-works entirely with your schedule-and is less-expensive than some other options–call Safety Education Specialists.  One of my favorite compliments is a student who has the option of a free class saying “this is so worth the money!  I’m coming to you every time!”

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This is the Official Blog of Safety Education Specialists. An Authorized American Heart Association Training Site located in Virginia, USA. for all our course listings and information.
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