How do I become an AHA Instructor?

This is a question we get a lot.  No really, A Lot!  It seems that every business wants to make an in-house person an instructor thinking “wow, this will really save us some money!”

Yes,…and No.  Usually, No.

Sure, it seems like a cost-savings.  If you glance at a typical Instructor course flyer, the price seems pretty low:  ‘$299 and you too can be an American Heart Association Instructor!’  That is, until you look closely.  First, you have to find an Authorized AHA Training Center that will sponsor you.  Then, you have to buy the Instructor Course materials (about $25.00).  Top that off with DVDs for each class you want to teach (about $200.00), Instructor Manuals for each class (about $150.00), and then you have to be monitored by a member of AHA Regional Faculty or a Training Center Faculty member (costs can be upwards of $250.00 plus expenses).  Gosh, but how can you teach without equipment?  Now you have to buy manikins (at least $300.00 for a set, upwards of $500 per manikin if you want to get fancy–don’t forget the Infant manikins!).  Bag-Valve Masks?  (about $50.00)  CPR Masks?  (another $50.00)

But wait, there’s more!  You have to buy certification cards for your students (up to $15.00 per card!)  Every two years, you have to attend an Instructor Update and be re-monitored (about $250.00 and $250.00 respectively).  And-you must teach a minimum of 2 courses per year to remain active.  Oh-and buy some liability insurance while you are at it!

Suddenly, that $299 Instructor course is more expensive than originally thought.  Maybe hiring that local Training Company is more cost-effective.  For most businesses, putting their own employee through an Instructor course and purchasing all the necessary accoutrement is not a good option.

Who should do an Instructor Course?  If your business or agency has thousands of people to train in any given year, than yes-after the initial bill for training and supplies, it is cost-savings to go in-house.  Otherwise, leave the training to the professionals please.

It takes more than buying a cheap DVD or guidebook every two years for an AHA instructor to stay working.  This is why many authorities specify American Heart Association training.  The amount of re-education, dedication and oversight leads to an end-product that is more consistent and reliable.

Instructing is a full-time job.  This is a grave responsibility that should not used as an add-on for a gym teacher or administrative nurse.  The best classes are taught by those who are passionate about teaching!

Bottom-line:  Ask a Training Center:  how much does this really cost?  How much are the ‘accessories?’

***All prices are an average for my own region.  Prices vary based on market, region etc…These prices do not reflect SES pricing for courses and/or supplies and we do not intend to reflect upon anyone elses pricing or information***

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