To Other Instructors–a little class please

This is an Open Letter to fellow CPR Instructors:

Dear fellow Instructors,

Can’t we all just get along?  There is more than enough business to go around, so how about if you act with class.

I do not spend my days trolling around Google clicking on other company’s ads trying to make them spend money on clicks.

I do not “faux-register” for a class with the name “Ha Ha.”

If you want to know about me-just ask.

If you want to work with me-just ask.

If you want to know how much I charge for a class-just ask.

The lowest price in town doesn’t last long my friend, neither does the sneak nor the petty fool. 

Please don’t sneak around and try to play with my roster numbers.  I can see what you are doing and frankly, it’s a bit pathetic.  I don’t mess with you, so please don’t play dirty with me.

A wise instructor once told me:  If you are in this business for the money-you will not last long.  If you are in this business to help people save lives-you will never go hungry.

So, to whomever is feeling threatened enough to start messing with me, understand this-I feel sympathy for you.  I will not call you out by name.  I will not bad-mouth you to other people.  Instead, I will chose the higher road.

We have always been available to give you advice.  We have taken your phone calls asking questions about policies and procedures.  We have guided you and tried to find a happy place for you.  I’m sorry you don’t see that.

In closing, to my fellow instructors, be careful.  Look to all the David vs. Goliath stories.  Guess who wins.  You may be aligned with Goliath, but this little David isn’t going away.

Sincerely Saving Lives,


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