Do You Sell AEDs?

“Do you sell AEDs?”

This is a question we are asked during nearly every class.  People are naturally curious about this amazing device-the Automated External Defibrillator.  An easy to use box that seems to literally shock people back to life!  (A more detailed explanation to follow in another post)

It seems like a no-brainer right?  Teach CPR, sell an AED.  The two go hand in hand.  Functionally, yes!  If you are performing CPR, you need to use an AED.

However, teaching and selling are two very different things.

Safety Education Specialists, an authorized American Heart Association Training Site, is devoted to education.  That’s why it’s in our name.  Not CPR.  Not AED.  Not First Aid.  Simply…Education.

Our goal is to provide the public with the knowledge to use any AED they see, to provide them with the comfort to approach a powerful device with confidence,…to use an AED when it is needed.

We feel that our reputation as un-biased educators would be compromised if we sold an AED to a client.  Many companies that sell AEDs have agreements with manufacturers-they must sell a certain number of AEDs in a year to keep that agreement in place.  Therefore, their opinion regarding the model of AED you-the client-needs is biased.

Training companies that sell AEDs are not wrong-they are many times either trying to expand their revenue stream or just make an AED they think is the best accessible.  Nothing wrong with that!

However, at Safety Education Specialists, we have decided not to enter into any such agreements in order to maintain our un-biased stance.  We can service your AED.  We can tell you how many AEDs your building/situation would need.  We can even analyze your situation and make product recommendations (do you really want to press the shock button, or would you rather the machine do it?) – We will tell you which AEDs may best fit your specific needs.

AEDs are not one-size-fits all.  Variety and a competitive market has made a vast array of devices available at (fairly) affordable price points.  We like to give our customers the honest, un-biased opinion and education.

You know what?  Our customers appreciate us all the more for it.

About sescpr

This is the Official Blog of Safety Education Specialists. An Authorized American Heart Association Training Site located in Virginia, USA. for all our course listings and information.
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