Why In-house CPR/AED training is a bad idea

There are certain sounds that make my skin crawl.  Nails on a chalkboard (the rare chalkboard still in existence), a barking dog at 3am, and the phone call where the voice on the other end says “Our organization wants to train our employees to be AHA instructors so that they can train our people.”  I think the last one is the worst.

Sure, it can seem like a good idea to have an in-house instructor team.  Especially for organizations with large amounts of employees to train or odd work-hours.  But, before your decide that paying a CPR training company $100+ per student is a bad idea, consider a few things:

1)  You have to pay for all your instructor’s training, updates, monitoring, cards, supplies, equipment, insurance.

2)  You have to pay your instructor to attend training, updates, monitoring etc…

3) And, you still expect that employee to perform their original job.  This is an unreasonable expectation.  Teaching CPR is a full-time job!

Suddenly, when you add up the hidden costs-overtime, supplies, maintenance to equipment, insurance, training/maintaining the instructor(s), the savings just aren’t there.  The, let’s consider a policy or price change.  The cost of supplies can change at anytime-if you have your own insructors-you just blew your budget estimates buddy!  However, if you had a training company under-contract, your budget stays intact.

Top it off with-your instructor is not as good as my instructor.  I guarantee it.

This is why Professional, private-sector AHA training companies exist!  We take care of all the expenses associated with training.  Everything from the cost of training our instructors to the cleaning supplies we use to maintain our equipment.  Is it cheap?  No-and it shouldn’t be.  If someone is offering to train your staff in AHA CPR/AED and First Aid for $20.00 per student-RUN!  But, if you truly care about and want quality, along with control over your budget, outsourcing your training to a legitimate AHA training company is your best option.


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