CMS updates guidelines for CPR in Nursing Homes. Says a “no CPR” policy is not-allowed

According to an updated notice from CMS (Center for Medicaid Studies), nursing homes should not establish a “no CPR” policy.  “facilities must not implement policies that prevent full implementation of advance directives and do not promote person-centered care. ”  In addition, staff must obtain and maintain CPR certification.  Online training with Hands-on Skills may be used, but Online-only training is not acceptable.  This certification should be CPR for Healthcare Providers.

This update represents important steps in keeping up standards on care for elderly and infirm who are dependent upon care in a nursing home (either for short or long-term).   We sincerely hope that stories of nursing home staff delaying or not starting CPR and/or not calling 9-1-1 will cease and those patients who need our care most will finally receive it.

Safety Education Specialists offers the Skills Session portion of the CPR for Healthcare Providers training, both at our site and at yours.  Our schedule is posted here:

A link to the full notice from CMS is here: 

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